Normal UV Flex 320N
Normal UV Flex 320N Application Normal UV Flex is made for cable protectio n in building and industrial applications, UV resistant pipe for various application in indoor and especially outdoor applications.
Underground Flex 450N
Underground Flex 450N Application Underground Flex is designed to protect wires and telephone cables in underground installation. The double-wall pipe is high density polyethylene pipe, external is corrugated and internal is smooth.
Flush Mounting
Flush Mounting Flush Box 60
Insulation Piercing Connector
Insulation Piercing Connector Insulation Piercing Connector 1.5-6/35-70 is used for connecting separating duct for public lightening to the distributive self-supporting cable beams under tensions, rubber insert tightening is made by a moment screw with force of 2,5 bar. The joint with a rubber insert prevents electric corrosion, and Al and Cu separating ducts can be connected to house plug boxes.Position 1: place of tearing by a moment screw (automatic regulation of conductor tightening force by means of moment screw which tears out when appropriate moment of 10Nm is achieved). Adjusting is made by a wrench N-10 while assembling and dismantling by a wrench N-10, main duct 16÷70 mm2, separated duct 1,5÷6 mm2. When working under power always wear protection gloves
Tension support clamp for household connection
Tension support clamp for household connection Applied in household connection and carried out by self-supporting cable bunches: 2x16 mm2, 2x25 mm2, 4x16 mm2 and 4x25 mm2, it is used with brackets for low voltage ABC cables beams on connecting
Flush Wiring Installation
Flush Wiring Installation Flush Wiring Box 100x100x70
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